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  • QWhat can I store?
  • AYou can store anything as long as it's not illegal, dangerous, highly inflammable, perishable or alive.

    Anything you store should be in compliance with our terms and conditions.

  • QWhat's the minimum/maximum amount of time I can store for?
  • AThe minimum time is 4 weeks and the maximum is as long as you want. The notice period you give us can be as little as 1 month.
  • QDo I need my own padlock?
  • AYes, only you have the key. You can provide your own or we have them available.
  • QCan I authorise other people to access my storage unit?
  • AYou can authorise others to access your unit as long as they are aware of your PIN code to obtain entry to the facility and have your storage unit key.
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