How Much Storage Space Will I Need?

So, you’ve got too much clutter lying around the house. You want it out of your way but getting rid of it completely is out of the question so you decide to put it in a self storage unit. But working out how much space you are going to need to pay for can be tricky and you don’t want to end up paying more than you have to. Fear not, as this blog should help you try and work out just how much space you’re going to need.

The smallest unit is 25 square ft which works out at 5ft x 5ft. This is the equivilent to a large estate car fully packed to the brim with your possessions. So if you can fit it all in a car then this personal storage option is for you.

35 square ft is the next size up, which works out at 7ft x 5ft. On average this amount of space is equal to the amount of space in the back of a Transit van, so if you have large items but not that many of them it would be best to go for this size.

If you need more space than this, then the next option is 7ft x 7’4ft or 50 square ft. In terms of size this is similar to the back of a Luton van. This size will comfortablely hold furniture from a home but will require some stacking.

Next up is a 75 square ft unit, working out at 10ft x 7’6ft. On par with the space in a 7.5 tonne truck this size (and the remaining other two) are more for industy and commerical needs.

The final two unit spaces are 100 square ft and 150 square ft which are equal to a 10 tonne truck and a larger 10+ tonne truck respectively. These are definitely more suited to industry use and not for storing household clutter.

Hopefully this has made deciding on your unit size a bit clearer for you. If you need any more information feel free to get in contact with the team!

Facts about Self Storage!

We at selfstorenewcastle want to make sure that you are clued up on everything to do with our industry sector, that is why we have put together a few points we think you should consider before booking your self storage space.

Size – Is it big enough to house what you need it to? There is nothing worse than buying a massive amount of space and not being able to fill it, its always easier to upgrade your space than it is to downgrade it! We just want to ensure you get it right first time, so we suggest buying a small unit, packing it up so its full, and then assess whether you need more.

Distance – Consider the distance between you and the unit. It is always advised that you buy a unit that is close to you should you need to access it in an emergency.

Obviously there are is a lot more to think about but if we are completely honest, then these would be our 2 main points, you can see on our website the level of security we provide and also browse through our testimonials to see how previous customers have rated our service.

We can accommodate both personal and business customers, visit the links within this sentence to see how!

Choosing your packing materials

Once you’ve made the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how you’re going pack them correctly. The first step of this process is finding suitable boxes. Most people head straight to their local superstore or grocery store, but we now live in a world where everything is recycled, and rightly so, but what this means to the packer is if your local store do save boxes, they have usually already folded them down and sent them off for recycling.

Buying your own boxes may seem to be an unnecessary expense, but buying your own boxes is certainly worth the investment if it means preserving your belongings. Below are some of the benefits for purchasing your own boxes:

Benefits of purchasing your own quality boxes:

You can purchase all your boxes in one trip, meaning you’re not trailing from outlet to outlet and relying on what’s available on the day. It also means the sizes of all your boxes are standard (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large), which in turn means easier stacking and loading as you’re not dealing with a whole bunch of mis-shaped boxes.

With new boxes durability and cleanliness are guaranteed. Sturdy, strong and quality boxes provide the extra protection needed for any fragile items you may have and won’t collapse and tear as easily as used boxes.

Hints and Tips for choosing & using packing materials

When selecting your box sizes, bare in mind how easy they will be to transport and always choose smaller boxes for heavy items, and larger boxes for lighter items.

Try to avoid using old newspaper to wrap items as the ink is easily transferred and can stain. Consider using plain paper, or paper towels for less expensive items, and a good quality bubble wrap for more valuable items.

Work out how much tape you’re going to need for the tops and bottoms of your boxes and then purchase double that amount as you’ll find it goes fast and not as far as you were expecting it to.

Fill your boxes full, but don’t over fill. Boxes that aren’t packed properly and have loose contents will wobble and move around, and boxes that are over packed can crush contents when being moved around.

Here at self store newcastle we offer a variety of packing supplies and can help with any advice you need with regards to this subject.

Storage Hints and Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

We were looking through came across a very interesting article on how people use their storage facilities and what things they include within them. After some deliberation we have compiled a list of things you should do and things you shouldn’t do when it comes to storing your items.


Keep contents off the floor by using pallets – This is not only going to keep your items clean but it makes it a lot easier for us to load them into our vans using a forklift.

Make sure you use all of the space provided within the unit – Stacking materials in an ordered manner and keeping the unit tidy

Organise boxes using freestanding shleving units

Ensure frequently used items are stored towards the front of the unit, to save you the time and effort of searching for them

Clearly label all boxes on each side so the contents are easily identifiable Label boxes on all sides for future reference

Pack from bottom to top with heaviest on the bottom and lightest on the top – this will stop any damage to your boxes

Placing covers or old sheets over your items is recommended – this is to escape any damp creeping in from any source and make sure your items stay in fantastic condition

Any items that can be easily taken apart we recommend that you disassemble them and place all little nuts, bolts and screws within a Ziploc bag and selotape them to the item

Sofas, mirrors and pictures should be stored on end if possible

Wrap valuables in bubble wrap – for added protection


Storing food items is a no no. This consists of all food groups even rice, spices, cereal etc.

Gasoline, oil, paint and anything flammable or including toxins should not be stored

Natural elements will prevail such as mildew or mould, please make sure you are cleaning your appliances regularly just to keep on top of this hurdle

Double check with your insurance company just to make sure you are complying with insurance guidelines with regards to storage

Self storage facilities are becoming more and more popular

Self Storage facilities are becoming more and more popular. Over the years we gather more and more possessions, but we may not want to get rid of the older ones. It is human nature to hold on to things because of sentimental value. It may just be a temporary fix you are looking for if you are having your home renovated and need to move your things out for a while whilst the building work is going on.

This is when self storage facilities come in to their own. We offer a safe convenient place to store your possessions at competitive prices, safe in the knowledge that you can access them whenever you need to.

Along with space to store your possessions, in the future we are also looking to provide a moving service to help you get your things from A to B.

We offer a range of units in various sizes. We’ve broken this down into an easy to understand table to give you an idea of what you can fit into this space. For example 5ft x 5ft – Large estate car, 7ft x 5ft – Transit Van etc. The table can be found by following this link:

The facilities are state of the art, and secured with a computer controlled alarm system (Monitored NACOS Gold security alarm system) and also have 24 hours a day monitored CCTV. The safety of your possessions is paramount to us.

Self storage for storing your items

Self storage is a brilliant method of storing items from your home or business that you just do not have enough space for to keep. Having a self storage unit can be viewed as a second garage or loft to store aspects that you don’t have enough room for.

It is always a good idea to plan what is to be stored. Go and view the storage unit take measurements so you know exactly how much room you have in terms of storage. Its really so the storage unit isn’t overloaded and packed to much. This is ultimately for the protection of you and the staff who have to access the storage unit because obviously its important to prevent any injury.

Obviously any items are viewed as dangerous will not be allowed to be stored so its important factor to check all items are safe to be stored.

Important factors of choosing storage units

An important factor when choosing a storage unit is to always make sure that when your belongings are stored it will be not just secure but also easy to access whatever you need. There are different security measures which depend on the location, the rules and regulations of the facility and cost of the storage unit.

In terms of security precautions is that the majority of self-storage units will have different sets of times that ones that are renting a storage unit can enter there facility. Many storage facilities have security access codes as well, which will be given out to each one renting a storage facility.

It is very important to always read the fine print on the contract so you know exactly what you are getting for your money and when you know you can access the storage facility.